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What's expected from a Trainee
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22nd Oct 2016

A Trainee have standards as high as mods do.  They are to follow these standards (including those in the rules):

Trainees must:
- Respect everyone on the Horizon
- Not abuse any of their powers
- Follow the rules (like everyone else)
- Set good examples

A Trainee seen abusing his powers or consistently breaking the rules must be reported here:

A Trainee seen consistently breaking any rule will be (depending on severity) demoted, temp banned, or banned.

Job desciption:

These are the responcibilites of Trainees:

Tagging users:
- Tagging is a meathod of reporting bad behavior on a player. Higher ranking staff will see this and do what they need to do in order to stop it.

1. If you see any bad behavior, contact a higher ranked Mod, Admin, or the Owner
2. If there are no other higher ranked staff on, use /warn <username> <reason> to tag them for other higher ranked staff to review them later.
3. If the Mods and Admin see bad behavior, they will do /warnings <username> to veiw what Trainees have said about him.
4. Tag users if they break any of the rules. Replace <reason> with a detailed description of what happened.

Helping and Welcoming Others:
All Trainees are required to welcome new players to the server. Say something like: "Welcome to the server!".

All Trainees are required to help players if they are in need of it. Be helpful to them. For example, If they want to report a bug, tell them what to do and give them a link.

Modding the forums:
- Modding is not limited to only in game, but also in these forums.

Use the following guideline to modding:
- If a post seems to be in the wrong location, move it to its proper location.
- If a post has profane language in it, edit it so that there it none
- If a user has posted twice in a 24 hour period, copy the 2nd one and move it into the first one.
- If a flame war starts, lock the thread (or if it's really bad delete it)
- Delete threads if it starts with a flame war or seem spammy

-MAKE SURE YOU MAKE A LOG OF WHAT YOU MODDED IN THE POST!! (so if you had to move it, let them know by posting that you did move it in their thread!
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Forum » General » Trainee Application Locked
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