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What is a Trainee?
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21st Oct 2016

What is a Trainee?

Some of you might be wonder what a Trainee is.  The Trainee is the preceding rank to "Mod" which is a higher level.

A Trainee is a player who is learning how to become a Mod.  Though it is a lower level than Mod, the Trainee rank allows us to see who is better at the job so that we can determine before hand who will be the high-quality Mod we're looking for. The ones that show good work, may move on and apply for Mod.

Trainees will be taught by higher ranks such as Mods, Admins, and me.

On The Horizon, we want to hire only the dedicated and high-quality staff members.  This is why we have a Trainee rank.

Trainees cannot kick or ban players like Mods but can tag them for certain behaviors and have the ability to vanish.

What's Expected From a Trainee?

A Trainee is expected to survey the players (like a Mod) to see how everything is going and if everything is right. The Trainees (and any other rank above it CANNOT play factions. This is because there is a chance a trainee may abuse his flight or vanish abilities in Factions.

Anyone who wants to apply can do so, just follow the format listed in the other thread.
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Forum » General » Trainee Application Locked
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