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UnlinkedMedal0's Application
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Joined: 25th Dec 2016
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25th Dec 2016

1. What is your minecraft username?
2. What time zone do you live in?
3. what were your previous usernames (if any)
4. How long have you had Minecraft?
little over a year
5. on a scale of 1-10 how much experience do you have with Minecraft?
6. Can you speak good English?
7. Are you in a staff positions on any other servers (if so list them)?
Mod, Mod, Co-Owner
8. How old are you?
9. Why do you want to be a trainee?
I love helping out servers and all that sort of stuff also I get along easily with people
10. What will you do for this community if you do get trainee?
I will help enforce the rules, and help people understand things when needed
11. Are you a good problem solver?
12. What is your moderating experience?
I have a lot of experience
13. What do you think a moderator does?
I think he enforces the rules talks to the people about things they like and dislike about the server for future updates on the server, and help them understand things
14. Being a moderator (or even a trainee) can be a stressful job. What are ways you manage stress?
I distract my self from it or I relax
15. Do you consider yourself to be a risk taker? What risks do you take and what are some risks that you won't take. Not very much and IDK
16. Are you a dedicated player on The Horizon? (Are you on a lot)
Just joined but I plan on it
17. is there anything else you want to add?
I am really excited to play on this server no matter what
Joined: 9th Oct 2016
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25th Dec 2016

Accepted. Good application
Forum » General » Trainee Application Locked
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