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CallMeFlims' Application
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Do you think I should be a staff member on Horizon MC? (Imput is for Tails' decision making)

Definitely! :D
Um, maybe, I'd have to get to know you better.
No, sorry.
Definitely not!

Joined: 21st Mar 2016
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24th Dec 2016

1. What is your minecraft username?

2. What time zone do you live in?

3. what were your previous usernames (if any)
KingOfTheEast01, Jebanite, x_ImBatman_x, x_ImSnowman_x, ImBatmannn_, CallMeTheKing, CallMeTheKrazy, CallMeFilms

4. How long have you had minecraft
As of December 25 of 2016, which is Christmas day and in two days from today, I will have been playing Minecraft for four years

5. on a scale of 1-10 how much experience do you have with minecraft?
Considering I've been playing for so long and have done so much in Minecraft for the past four years, I'd have to rate my experience as a 9. I don't know everything about Minecraft, but do know a whole crap load about it.

6. Can you speak good English?
English is the only language I can speak. Based on the responses to the other questions in this application and the talks I had with you earlier Tails, I think you can conclude, even if I wasn't telling the truth about English being the only language I can speak, I can speak it extremely fluently.

7. Are you in a staff positions on any other servers (if so list them)?
No, other than my own server, but I don't play on it at all.

8. How old are you?
I am currently fifteen years of age, as I was born on June 7th, 2001.

9. Why do you want to be a trainee?
I got tired of doing things on my own server and also want to extend my knowledge of Java coding, so in the meantime I thought I might help someone else out with their server and maybe I can practice my Java coding here and help you out with what I know. I'd also like to take orders for a change. Lol

10. What will you do for this community if you do get trainee?
Well, I'll definitely help put this server on the map. I'd also like to help make this a server a more fun and safe community for players to play on. I'll do just about anything to accomplish that. I've decided that I'm going to be dedicated to helping out this server!

11. Are you a good problem solver?
I'd say I am a pretty good problem solver. I can't really say anything that would extend your belief in that statement drastically though. I'd just like to show you I am one.

12. What is your moderating experience?
I owned my own server and managed moderators. Occasionally I'd moderate the chat and make sure suspects of hacking weren't doing what we thought they were, but that happened when I wasn't working on features of my server.

13. What do you think a moderator does?
I know what a moderator does. A moderator does what's in it's name, which by the way, is probably one of the most well named jobs out there. Lol. Anyways, I know that a moderator moderates chat and players to make sure the server is safe and more friendly to players who just want a fun environment to play on.

14. Being a moderator (or even a trainee) can be a stressful job. What are ways you manage stress?
I don't think I'd get very stressed out by the job. If I was stressed out and this was getting to me outside of the game, I'd quit. No job as something under a developer or operator on a Minecraft server should ever be that stressful. If I ever got stressed out while playing the game and it stayed consistent with only me playing the game, I'd just try to relax and take a break. I'd also probably just calm myself down, but if I needed to, my work on the server as a moderator would be carrying over into my real life, and like I said, I'd quit in that case.

15. Do you consider yourself to be a risk taker? What risks do you take and what are some risks that you won't take

I don't think many big risks are needed to be taken as a staff member of a server, unless you're a high staff member like a developer, operator, or owner, but I did take a big risk dedicating my time to this server. I did notice however, on other servers, people were asked about their traits and character in and out of Minecraft in their staff applications, but I don't think it's very necessary to know about my risk taking outside of Minecraft so I'll give you what I just told you.  I hope it helps! XD

16. Are you a dedicated player on The Horizon? (Are you on a lot)
Well, I think you, Tails, know the answer to that. I am dedicated to helping out this server, but I can't always be on, but I can definitely be of great help to the server.
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24th Dec 2016

Good application.

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