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BillyPvPz Application for mod!
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Joined: 23rd Dec 2016
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23rd Dec 2016

1. What is your minecraft username? BillyPvPz
2. What time zone do you live in?GMT
3. what were your previous usernames (if any) Billy_Playz
4. How long have you had minecraft 3 years
5. on a scale of 1-10 how much experience do you have with minecraft? 9
6. Can you speak good English? Yep
7. Are you in a staff positions on any other servers (if so list them)? Yes currently trial-mod on other small servers
8. How old are you?13
9. Why do you want to be a trainee?Because  I want to ban hackers mute spammers and get rid of advertisers!
10. What will you do for this community if you do get trainee? I will try and and get new plugins build arenas {pvp} and also Get rid of rule breakers / hackers/ advertisers/spammers/people swearing
11. Are you a good problem solver? Yes!
12. What is your moderating experience? I have been mod and trial mod on other server and even owned a server at one point but I got rid due to lack of donations.
13. What do you think a moderator does? Bans hackers.advertisers and mute spammers. They help people with thing that they need.
14. Being a moderator (or even a trainee) can be a stressful job. What are ways you manage stress? I can manage stress by just simply logging off and relaxing.
15. Do you consider yourself to be a risk taker? What risks do you take and what are some risks that you won't take Some risks that I would take is temp ban people which I think are hacking and if they aren't {they get video proof} I will unban them! A risk I wont take is muting people for no reason at all!
16. Are you a dedicated player on The Horizon? (Are you on a lot) Yeh I tend to play most days
17. is there anything else you want to add? Thank you for reading and good luck to me and everyone else!
Joined: 9th Oct 2016
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23rd Dec 2016

Accepted! - Good application!
Forum » General » Trainee Application Locked
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