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25th Dec 2016

1 . Zippilipy
2. UMC/GMT Central
3. I dont remember
4. I would say since the 1.5 or 1.4 update so about 2013
5. 8
6. Yes 
7. Yes
8. 15
9. Its fun to build and ban hackers idk
10. Ban hackers if they get reported and build stuff
11. Yes in hacking situations

12. Well yea kinda, ive had my own server and it wasnt a popular server but it had loads of plugins and it think i could be a great mod/admin or whatever
13. He builds stuff bans people help people in chat and all around being nice

14. Watching videos, listening to music or just play overwatch.
15.Well not really.
16. Well the server just started so i cant be a "dedicated player" yet, but i will get there.
17. Not really but hope this will be good but probs not, bye!

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25th Dec 2016

not very professional.

Forum » General » Trainee Application Locked
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