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The Horizon Rules
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22nd Nov 2016

Building Rules
There are several disallowed structures on this server. This includes:
  • Structures spelling out inappropriate messages.
  • Structures that spell out defamatory/vulgar language
  • Player traps in non-pvp worlds
  • Continuous redstone clocks temporary redstone clocks are fine as long as they are used for a short amount of time
  • Anything that is made to create lag
  • small mob farms are allowed unless they create server lag


Skins -- Skins deemed inappropriate or offensive are strictly prohibited on The Horizon. This can include anything from (but not limited to) Hitler skins to nude skins or any skin that is deemed inapropriate by staff or other players
Usernames -- Usernames deemed inappropriate are also strictly prohibited on The Horizon. Types of usernames that are not allowed on The Horizon are these:
  • Usernames that are hard to distinguish or is very similar to another person's username
  • Usernames that have vulgar language
  • Usernames that are deemed inappropriate

Chat, Channels and Discussions
  • Sending useless messages such as letters, symbols, or messages that are used in the wrong context is considered spam. Spam is strickly prohibited on The-Horizon
  • Advertising is strictly prohibited in our chat system for any kind of external product, Minecraft server, or anything else non-The Horizon related.
Touchy subjects
  • The Horizon is a server that consists of players that have different religious groups, cultural groups, political backgrounds, age groups, ect.. because of this, there are many subjects we do not allow in our chat. This includes (but not limited to) alcohol/drugs, violence, sexuality, or politics.
  • We ask these things as to not start a flame war on the subject so if a moderator asks the public to change the subject, you are to drop the subject immediately.

Trolling and harassment
  • Any attempt to create chaos or discord in the server is strictly prohibited from The Horizon especially if it is directed on someone.
  • Harassment is to annoy or bother someone in a repeated way and is made to make someone feel threated or otherwise ruin their gameplay. Harassment is not allowed on The Horizon.
  • • You are not to make/use any app/application for this server that does the following things: auto vote bots (software that votes over and over again for personal/others gain), or any application used to modify minecraft. Common sense
    If it is not on this list of rules and if you're consonance tells you it's wrong, then don't do it. Everyone has a sense of what's right and wrong.

Hacking on The-Horizon or using a hacked client or mod is strictly prohibited. Hacks are considered to be changes in the gameplay that give the player (or others) unfair advantages. Any violators will be banned WITHOUT warning.

On The-Horizon, you will be warned 3 times maximum for any of the aforementioned violations that are warn-able actions. Once you have gotten 3 warnings and you commit to another violation, you get banned. Warns expire every 1/4 of a year (3 months).
Ban Appeals
If you have been banned from The-Horizon, you have a chance to get unbanned. For this, you need to post in the "Ban Appeals" section of the forums.

• You will need to include:

• Your ingame name

• Whether your ingame name has changed since ban.

• Why you were banned

• The rule you violated

• Explain (using your own words) what the rule means
More information about ban appeals can be found in the ban appeals and complaints forum.

Don't abuse and spam the feedback books. These books are for reporting bugs and suggesting new things for the server. I don't want to go through a bunch of trash trying to look for a legit feedback.

I will be updating this a lot more when I have time to do so. Thank you for reading!
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