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14th Oct 2016

There are rules in these forums you all must abide by. 

1. Whatever you post must be relevant to the section you're posting in. Failure to do this results in your post being moved to the correct section. If we get tired of doing this for you, punishment may happen.
 2. Any attempt to cause discord/chaos in the forums or start a flame war (Trolling) is a punishable act. 
3. Spam (The attempt to make pointless threads or to advertise something) is not permitted. 
4. Post in English (This is an English-speaking community). 
5. Profanity may not be used. 
6. Posting anything offensive is not tolerated. This includes text, links, images (pornography, hate symbols, ect...) Any violations can result in punishment.

ALL the rules listed here applies with every thread posted on this website.
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Forum » General » General Discussion
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